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ShadeCrest's Survival server makes many improvements to Minecraft without taking away from the core experience. It has container protection, a gold-backed economy, rollbacks for griefing, sharable homes, and many tweaks to gameplay elements that increase longevity.
Meta note: For all commands, things in [brackets] are optional, things in <angles> are required.


To play on our server, you need to connect to and abide by our rules:

No griefing, hacks, or exploits
These are bannable offenses that negatively affect our players and staff, please don't use them.
Mob grinders are an exploit!
Note: Theft from containers is not griefing, but theft from armor stands or item frames most definitely is. If you grief accidentally, restore as best as possible and notify staff so they can fix any remaining issues without handing out a ban.
No floating or eyesore builds
Builds in violation may be removed on sight. Reasonably floating buildings are fine (airship, supported by a cloud, ...) but large, flat, otherwise unsupported structures will be "problem solved."
Don't be a dick
In particular, don't warp to raid. Homes are a convenience, not a raiding tool. Don't try to kill players outside pvp. Don't empty a players chest into lava just because it's unlocked. Just don't be a dick.


We have multiple worlds that separate different elements of the server:

Reached with /warp spawn (or convenience warps like /warp bank), spawn houses all admin built utilities and arenas. It is the only place on the server built with creative mode and worldedit, ignoring the small shelters at /warp mining and /warp overworld. While you can take damage and die in spawn, it uses the keepInventory gamerule.
This is the main world where players should build. It has a world border 64k wide and uses normal difficulty. Although you can mine here, you should use the mining world for any sizable strip mine.
Mining (Nether, and The_End)
These are resource collection worlds that are occasionally reset. There is no concept of griefing in these worlds; your builds are not safe here! Mining can be reached with /warp mining, and Nether/The_End can be reached with portals in mining. In addition, The_End can be reached by throwing an eye of ender while in Nether. Mining has a 2k border, Nether has a 1k border, and all use hard difficulty.


Homes provide a single fast-travel point that can be shared with other players. They have a 3 second warm-up to use (like warps) and a 15 minute cooldown after being set.

/Home [player]
Takes you to your home, or player's home if specified.
/Home list
Shows all homes you have access to.
/Home invite <player>
Allows player access to your home. Remove a player with /home uninvite.
/Home ilist
Shows all players you've invited to your home.
/Home public
Set your home as public, allowing all players to visit. Private your home again with /home private.

Container protection

All container can be locked and selectively shared with other players