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Please start by reading this article which includes the general rules which apply to all ShadeCrest servers.

Griefing and Looting

  • Griefing is allowed only to enter, but you must replace what you break.
    • This means do not grief anything unless you replace it.
  • Stealing from any chest or furnace you have access to is legal.
    • This does not include chests that should be locked due to plugin failure.
  • Do NOT harass players by routinely looting them.
  • Griefing is allowed in the mining, nether, and end worlds.
    • Do not destroy blaze spawners in the nether if they are claimed.
  • Do not steal from horse or donkey inventories outside of mining world.
  • Do not kill animals that are clearly someone else's without leaving a majority (2/3) of the population.
    • Do NOT opening pens to let animals out or taking them away.
    • Do NOT kill horses or donkeys that someone else owns.


  • No swearing, spamming, or CAPSLOCK/other annoying ways to type.
  • Use appropriate chat channels.
  • Use /msg [player] for 1 to 1 conversations.


  • All towns and buildings in towns must be accessible without an enderpearl
  • Massive towers/pits of doom are illegal (1x1 from layer 64 to bedrock, stacked trees, etc.)
    • Death traps are allowed in PvP only
  • Do not pillage the terrain. The mining world has all the resources you could ever need.
  • Please chop down trees entirely and replant them.
  • Build 100+ blocks away from spawn, towns, and player builds.


Being engaged in PvP includes being caught in a PvP trap and running away from other players

  • Non-lethal traps must have a way of escape.
  • No extensive rushing
    • You can rush players just don't lock them in a protected house and do it ect.
  • No extensive spawn killing
    • No killing them on there re-spawn point multiple times for no reason
  • Absolutely no /home, /warp, /town spawn or any other warping while engaged in PvP
    • After raiding a town you have to leave the town before warping
    • You should also check local if there is a chance someone is chasing you
  • Do not use any teleports for PvP with the exception of:
    • Your town's spawn
    • Town spawns' of towns in the same nation as your's
    • Self deference after you warped somewhere (excluding enemy areas).
  • You must be a member of a pvp town to group raid a pvp town
    • You can still raid PvP towns alone
    • Peaceful town members can raid with PvP members of the same nation.
  • Harming/killing players in a non-pvp zone is not permitted.
  • Do NOT lock yourself inside towny blocks to hide from raiders.
  • PVP towns must have PVP enabled on town grounds! (/town toggle pvp)
  • Do not run into a non-PvP zone after engaging in PvP.


Hostile Mob Farms

  • All types of farms except auto zombie pigmen and auto iron golems are allowed as long as they do not cause lag.
    • This means that if you want to farm pigmen or iron golems you need to kill them in a "fair fight", that being they can attack you as well.

Other Farms

(peaceful mobs, crops, etc.)

  • Mobs should have walking room.
  • Farms should not cause lag.
  • Door farms for villagers must be concealed. (They are ugly!)
  • Do not stack farms, spread them out
  • Admins have final say for overcrowded farms or cause lag.

If your farm(s) cause(s) lag and is not removed in a timely fashioned staff members will remove it for you

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