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Please start by reading this article which includes the general rules which apply to all ShadeCrest servers.

Griefing and Looting

The Nether, Ender, and Mining worlds are resource worlds, and allow all forms of griefing and looting. The following rules are not applicable to these worlds.


Griefing is causing trouble to players by defacing their builds or owned mobs. All forms of griefing are frowned upon, but the following are guaranteed to receive punishment.

A grief is illegal if:

  • Broken blocks aren't replaced exactly as they were found
  • Armor stands or item frames are destroyed/stolen from
  • Over 1/3 of a player's animal farm are released, killed, or taken
  • A player's horse, donkey, or mule is killed or taken


Stealing from unlocked containers, potentially while fighting players in a pvp world, is known as looting/raiding. These terms are synonymous, and are simply labeled "raiding".
Containers unlocked by plugin failure will have items refunded by admins​

Raiding is illegal if:

  • Saddles or armor are taken from a horse, donkey, or mule
  • You target the same player daily, or bother them for extended periods during a raid, to the point that it's seen as harassment
  • The raiders did not start from a world spawn or place of residence
A "place of residence" is an area where you are very likely to be found. Examples include your home, your town, or a close friend's home


Rules marked with an asterisk ( * ) are the only build rules that apply to resource worlds.


If new players see a trashed world or have no place to build, they will most likely leave. To avoid this issue, staff perform clean-ups on a regular basis in permanent maps.

A build will be removed if:

  • It is floating without cause, or mostly floating with structurally impossible supports
  • The build is an eyesore. (Large box, pits/pillars, ugly blocks, etc.)
  • Terrain in a permanent world was pillaged for resources
  • You have not logged on for more than 6 months


Certain ways of building can contradict or bypass server mechanics, and for the sake of fairness, are not allowed.

A build is illegal (and will be removed) if:

  • It's less than 100 blocks from another player's build (500 blocks from a town) without the owner's permission.
  • * Containers are protected by any method other than LWC (like fake shops, or a blocked off room)
  • * The purpose is killing players in a region without pvp


These rules apply to all worlds with pvp enabled
Fighting or harming players outside of pvp regions is strictly forbidden


As with raiding, only warps (homes, etc) in your place of residence can help you travel to fights. Warping away from a fight is different.

Warping from battle is illegal if:

  • You are fighting
  • You are fleeing and being chased
  • You are inside enemy territory
Exception: if you are stuck in a non-lethal trap and do not meet the first two conditions, you may warp

PvE Attacks

Players living in pve worlds do not have the same difficulty surviving as pvp players, so they have extra restrictions when picking fights.

A pve player cannot attack pvp when:

  • Part of a group with more than 3 players where less than half are pvp residents
  • Using any warp other than the world spawn

Farms and Grinders

Mob Farms/Arenas

These are the areas where you breed animals, spawn mobs, and kill monsters in a fair fight. For the purpose of these rules, all mob farms within an 8 chunk radius (Normal render distance) are considered 1 mob farm.

A mob farm is illegal if:

  • It holds more than 250 mobs
  • It is overcrowded (mobs have difficulty moving)
  • It has mobs constantly in motion due to water, pistons, or other mechanics

Mob Grinders

These are specific kinds of mobs farms which have rules in addition to those stated above. These are farms which have automatic damage/killing, automatic breeding, mass xp/item gaining devices, or in any way results in killing mobs in an unfair fight.

Mob grinders are illegal, do not make them.

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