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Please start by reading this article which includes the general rules which apply to all ShadeCrest servers.

Griefing and Looting

The Nether, Ender, and Mining worlds are resource worlds, and allow all forms of griefing and looting. The following rules are not applicable to these worlds.

  • Breaking blocks to enter a building is allowed if all blocks are replaced exactly
  • Stealing from any container block (chest/hopper/dropper...) you can open is legal.
    • If a plugin failure caused the container to be open, admins will refund all items
  • Stealing from/destroying an item frame or armor stand is not allowed
  • Stealing horse armor or saddles from a horse/donkey/mule is not allowed
  • Harassing players by routinely looting them is not allowed
  • Killing/stealing/releasing over 1/3 the population of a player's animal farm is not allowed
  • Killing/stealing/releasing any player's horse/donkey/mule is not allowed

When looting, you MUST start from either the world's spawn or a place of residence. Using another starting point or any teleport features for the purpose of looting is considered "warping to raid", and is not allowed

A "place of residence" is an area where you are very likely to be found. Examples include your home, your town, or a close friend's home


  • No swearing, spamming, or CAPSLOCK/other annoying ways to type.
  • Use appropriate chat channels.
  • Use /msg [player] for 1 to 1 conversations.
  • Do not impersonate being staff with /prefix.


  • All towns and buildings in towns must be accessible without an enderpearl
  • Massive towers/pits of doom are illegal (1x1 from layer 64 to bedrock, stacked trees, etc.)
    • Death traps are allowed in PvP only
  • Do not pillage the terrain. The mining world has all the resources you could ever need.
  • Please chop down trees entirely and replant them.
  • Build 100+ blocks away from spawn, towns, and player builds.


Being engaged in PvP includes being caught in a PvP trap and running away from other players

  • Non-lethal traps must have a way of escape.
  • No extensive rushing
    • You can rush players just don't lock them in a protected house and do it ect.
  • No extensive spawn killing
    • No killing them on there re-spawn point multiple times for no reason
  • Absolutely no /home, /warp, /town spawn or any other warping while engaged in PvP
    • After raiding a town you have to leave the town before warping
    • You should also check local if there is a chance someone is chasing you
  • Do not use any teleports for PvP with the exception of:
    • Your town's spawn
    • Town spawns' of towns in the same nation as your's
    • Self deference after you warped somewhere (excluding enemy areas).
  • You must be a member of a pvp town to group raid a pvp town
    • You can still raid PvP towns alone
    • Peaceful town members can raid with PvP members of the same nation.
  • Harming/killing players in a non-pvp zone is not permitted.
  • Do NOT lock yourself inside towny blocks to hide from raiders.
  • PVP towns must have PVP enabled on town grounds! (/town toggle pvp)
  • Do not run into a non-PvP zone after engaging in PvP.


Mob Farms/Arenas

These are the areas where you breed animals, spawn mobs, and kill monsters in a fair fight. For the purpose of these rules, all mob farms within an 8 chunk radius (Normal render distance) are considered 1 mob farm.

A mob farm is illegal if:

  • It holds more than 150 mobs
  • It is overcrowded (mobs have difficulty moving)
  • It has mobs constantly in motion due to water, pistons, or other mechanics

Mob Grinders

These are specific kinds of mobs farms which have rules in addition to those stated above. These are farms which have automatic damage/killing, automatic breeding, mass xp/item gaining devices, or in any way results in killing mobs in an unfair fight.

A mob grinder is illegal if:

  • It causes any server lag ever
  • On average, mobs can be killed faster than 1 mob every 4 seconds
  • The output of the grinder adversely affects the server economy
  • Its purpose is killing zombie pigmen, iron golems or the Wither
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