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Each rank builds on previous ranks, so all perks are cumulative.
Note: Perks are subject to change at any time


Chat tag: &6*I*

  • Hats! Put a block on your head with /hat
  • Armor stand editor: Toggle base and arms
  • Emotes: /poke, /yawn
  • Trails: Ender, flame, magic, smoke, snow
  • VIP only forum board


Chat tag: &6*II*

  • Extra 2 banner layers (8 total)
  • Toggle announcements with /anno hide
  • Armor stand editor: Toggle size and gravity
  • Emotes: /stare
  • Trails: Note, slime, snowball, spark, splash, void


Chat tag: &6*III*

  • Extra 5 banner layers (11 total)
  • Set a custom tag with /prefix
  • Armor stand editor: Position arms and legs!
  • Emotes: /potartz, /wave
  • Trails: Angry, cloud, enchant, green, fun, rainbow, wart rain, witch magic


Chat tag: &6*IV*

  • Extra 9 banner layers! (15 total!)
  • Armor stand editor: Position head and body!
  • Priority for staff help
  • Emotes: /fear, /hug, /trout
  • Trails: Blood rain, Clay block, damage, flower block, lava, water, tear rain, wheat block, white
  • Trail mode "Circle"!


Chat tag: &6*V*

  • Unlimited Banner layers!!
  • Armor stand editor: Copy & paste poses and toggle invisibility!
  • Emotes: /palm, /rage, /visit
  • Trails: Breath, crit, diamond rain, end rod, gold rain, ore blocks, pop, redstone blocks, sea blocks, spell
  • Trail mode "NN"!


Server boosts that apply to all members on the server for a period of time

Slow Cycle (2h)
Doubles the length of day and night
Fast Cycle (2h)
Halves the length of day and night
Summertime (2h)
Doubles the length of day and halves the length of night
Dry Spell (2h)
Disables weather
Monsoon (2h)
Forces rainfall
Charged World (2h)
Forces thunder and lightning
Iron Skin (1h)
Ambient resistance II effect
Aged Brains (4h)
Growth hormones on zombies - no more babies!