Minecraft: Survival

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Welcome to the Survival Wiki! This wiki is for our Survival Server. You can find the the creative wiki here and the FTB wiki here. This wiki is the first place that you should check when you have a questions regarding something on the server. You can always find the most up to date information here.

Survival Resources

  1. Getting Started
    1. Guide
    2. Rules
    3. Commands
    4. Plugins
    5. Mcmmo
  2. Towns
    1. Creating a Town
    2. Town List
  3. Community
    1. Team Speak
    2. IRC
    3. Survival Forum
    4. Server Staff
    5. History
  4. Shopping
    1. Chest Shop Prices
    2. Player Shop Directory
  5. Staff Resources
    1. Overview and Guides
    2. Staff Commands
    3. Trello Weekly Update
    4. Staff Links
  6. Other Info
    1. Grief Reports
    2. Ban Check
    3. Ban Appeals