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General Commands

Help Commands - Mod Requests

NOTE: Please refrain from spamming more than one within a day. Admins will get to it when they can.

  • /modreq [message] - Files a request for admin/moderator help. e.g. /modreq Can I have lava placed here?
  • /modlist - Displays names of staff who are currently online.
  • /mb [message] or /mod-broadcast [message] - Used to send a message to all staff currently online. ***Use only for emergencies!***
  • /check - Used to see if you have opened any requests.
  • /complete [#] - Used to close your own request if you no longer require help.

Chat Commands

For channel names you can either use the full channel name like local or nick name like L

  • /ignore [player] - Allows player to ignore any messages sent by another player.
  • /ch list - Gives you the list of available chat channels.
  • /ch join [channel] - Join specified chat channel. Example* /ch join Local
  • /ch leave [channel] - Leave specified chat channel. Example /ch leave Local
  • /ch [channel] - Set focus on the specified channel. Example /ch Global or /ch g
  • /ch afk [message] - Auto responds with custom message when someone tries to send you a private message.



Achieving Rank

This is your default rank when you join the server.


  • /gamemode 1 - Puts you into creative mode. (Note* Guests can only be in creative mode in the plot world!)
  • /call [playername] - Request a teleport from a [player]. You can only type part of the name, and it will auto match.
  • /bring [playername] - Teleport a [player] to you after they requested a teleport.
  • /isbanned [playername] - Check if [player] is banned.
  • /biome - Let's you know what biome you are currently in.
  • /motd - Brings up message of the day.
  • /return - Brings you back to your last location after you teleport.
  • /rules - Displays server rules info.
  • /time - Tells you what time it is.
  • /playertime [day|night] - Changes time to day or night, for you only.
  • /list - Displays a list of connected players.
  • /he tool - Turns on/off HawkEye tool. Used to check for griefs. (Click with a log)
  • /mb [message] - Broadcasts a [message] to all connected staff.

Plotworld Commands

  • /plotme claim - Claim the plot you're standing on.
  • /plotme auto - Claim the next free plot to you. (Use this if you are having trouble finding a empty plot)
  • /plotme home - Brings you to your plot.
  • /plotme done - Mark your plot as "done" for admins to come and see it. (Run the command again to mark it not done)
  • /plotme info - Displays info on the plot you're standing on.
  • /plotme comment <text> - Leave a comment on the plot you're standing on.
  • /plotme comments - Shows the comments on the plot you're standing on.
  • /plotme biome - Shows the current biome.
  • /plotme <biome> - Change the plot you're standing on to a different biome.
  • /plotme biomelist - List all possible biomes.
  • /plotme clear - Clears the plot you're standing on to it's original state when it was claimed.

Builder [I]


Achieving Rank

This is the regular builder's rank. With this rank you can use client mods to fly. You can now also build and spawn yourself items. You get this rank by applying to the server here and getting accepted.


  • /clear -a - Clears your inventory.
  • /i [ID] [QTY] - Use this command to spawn items. If you put -1 for quantity, you will get an unlimited stack.
  • /kit tools - Gives you a set of diamond tools.
  • /kit wool - Gives you a stack of wool of every color.
  • /home - Takes you to your /home
  • /home set - Sets your /home at current location.
  • /home delete - Deletes your current home.
  • /home invite [player] - Invites [player] to your home.
  • /home uninvite [player] - Uninvites [player] from your home.
  • /home public - Makes your home public.
  • /home private - Makes your home private.
  • /cprivate - Use this command to protect signs you place to claim your builds.
  • /cremove - Use to remove protection from signs.

Builder [II]


Achieving Rank

This is our trusted builder rank. With this you can use creative mode and creative warps. To get this rank you need to talk to an admin and show him some of your builds, and they have to be impressive. A cobble house won't do.


  • /gamemode 1 - Puts you into creative mode.
  • /gamemode 0 - Puts you into survival mode.
  • /warp createg [name] - Creates a global warp called [name]
  • /warp createp [name] - Creates a private warp called [name]
  • /warp delete [name] - Deletes warp called [name]
  • /warp invite [warpname] [player] - Invite a player to a warp.
  • /warp uninvite [warpname] [player] - Uninvite a player from a wrarp
  • /warp update [warpname] [owner] - Updates warp's location to your current one.



Achieving Rank

This is the highest rank achievable. With this you have access to all of the worldedit commands and voxel sniper, as well as any VIP or builder commands. To get this rank you need to build multiple, high detail and large scale projects, ones that stand out as the most impressive on the server. Once you think you have all of these, show an admin your work, who will then get back to you on your application.


  • //distr - Get the distribution of blocks in the selection
  • /tool brush clipboard - Choose the clipboard brush
  • /tool brush ex - Shortcut fire extinguisher brush
  • /butcher - Kill all or nearby mobs
  • //load - Load a schematic into your clipboard
  • //save - Save a schematic into your clipboard
  • //drain - Drain a pool
  • //ex - Extinguish nearby fire
  • //fast - Toggle fast mode
  • //fill - Fill a hole
  • //filr - Fill a hole recursively
  • /forestgen - Generate a forest
  • /pumpkins - Generate pumpkin patches
  • //hpyramid - Generate a hollow pyramid
  • //gmask - Set the global mask
  • //clearhistory - Clear your history
  • /ascend - Go up a floor
  • /ceil - Go to the ceiling
  • /descend - Go down a floor
  • /unstuck - Escape from being stuck inside a block
  • /up - Go upwards some distance
  • //faces - Build the walls, ceiling, and floor of a selection
  • //move - Move the contents of the selection
  • //naturalize - 3 layers of dirt on top then rock below
  • //overlay - Set a block on top of blocks in the region
  • //replace - Replace all blocks in the selection with another
  • //smooth - Smooth the elevation in the selection
  • //replacenear - Replace nearby blocks
  • //chunk - Set the selection to your current chunk.
  • //inset - Inset the selection area
  • //outset - Outset the selection area
  • /tool cycler - Block data cycler tool
  • /tool farwand - Wand at a distance tool
  • /floodfill - Flood fill tool
  • /lrbuild - Long-range building tool
  • /tool repl - Block replacer tool
  • /tree - Tree generator tool
  • /tool none - Unbind all bound tools



Achieving Rank

Must be on the server for at least 2 weeks and had donated $10+ to the server.


Can use False book. Tutorial video can be found [http*// here].

Can make colored signs by placing color code before text on a sign.




Achieving Rank

Must be on the server for at least 2 weeks and had donated $20+ to the server.


  • //count - Counts the number of a certain type of block
  • //fixlava - Fix lava to be stationary
  • //fixwater - Fix water to be stationary
  • //undo - Undoes the last action
  • //redo - Redoes the last action (from history)
  • //set - Set all the blocks inside the selection to a block
  • //stack - Repeat the contents of the selection
  • //walls - Build the four sides of the selection
  • //contract - Contract the selection area
  • //expand - Expand the selection area
  • //shift - Shift the selection area
  • //size - Get information about the selection
  • /tool deltree - Floating tree remover tool
  • /info - Block information tool
  • /toggleeditwand - Toggle functionality of the edit wand



Achieving Rank

Must be on the server for at least 2 weeks and had donated $50+ to the server.


  • /tool brush cylinder - Choose the cylinder brush
  • /mask - Set the brush mask
  • /mat - Set the brush material
  • /brush smooth - Choose the terrain softener brush
  • /tool brush sphere - Choose the sphere brush
  • /clearclipboard - Clear your clipboard
  • //copy - Copy the selection to the clipboard
  • //cut - Cut the selection to the clipboard
  • //flip - Flip the contents of the clipboard
  • //paste - Paste the clipboard's contents
  • //rotate - Rotate the contents of the clipboard
  • //hcyl - Generate a hollow cylinder
  • //cyl - Generate a cylinder
  • //hsphere - Generate a hollow sphere
  • //sphere - Generate a filled sphere
  • //removeabove - Remove blocks above your head
  • //removebelow - Remove blocks below you
  • //removenear - Remove blocks near you